Healthy Vegan Peanutbutter Granola

Oat based breakfasts have always been my thing. In winter a warm bowl of oats with berries to keep me happy and well, warm and summer a nice crunchy bowl of Granola is exactly what I need to get me started if I don’t have the patience for a smoothy.  Continue Reading


Best Booty Jeans This Winter

Probably the biggest issue I’ve had and heard about, time and time again from women with hourglass and pare-shaped figures like myself have trouble finding a pair of jeans that actually flatter the smaller waist and bigger butt. Continue Reading


Chunky Knit Look

I’m all about chunky knits and always have been, ha thank the Lord it’s a thing again. Well, I hope it is.

I’ve been wearing chunky knits for ages because I LOVE huge oversized jerseys during winter so I thought I’d share a couple of tips for pare-shaped figures like myself when going for the chunky knit look. Continue Reading

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