Best Booty Jeans This Winter

Probably the biggest issue I’ve had and heard about, time and time again from women with hourglass and pare-shaped figures like myself have trouble finding a pair of jeans that actually flatter the smaller waist and bigger butt.
Don’t get me wrong if there is any problem I would have it’s having to get my butt into jeans. I love my figure but this is an ongoing issue I’ve had that hours inside countless changing rooms can stand testament to.

Well, now I have seen the light! (Que angels singing)
After reading A Short Girls World’s review of CottonOn’s new PushUp skinny jeans I beelined straight to my local store and let me tell you I regret nothing.
Every time I’ve worn these jeans I have gotten compliments. They really do shape and push up my butt, making my butt look gooooood. Plus they are high waisted which I love because it accentuates my curves and smaller waist.

These jeans are definitely the best investment I’ve made this year when it comes to pants.


Photos by: A Short Girls World

Top: H&M

Bottom: CottonOn

Shoes: Imports

GC__7518GC__7516 GC__7520 GC__7499

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