Why I Only Drink Coffee Once A Week

So two weeks ago I decided to take a break from coffee for a week because I challenged myself to a clean week of eating and drinking. So I thought why not eliminate coffee while I’m at it.

For those of you who I’ve hung out with, you’ll know I never drank much coffee, to begin with, about 1 coffee a day, if that, however since I actively cut coffee out I started to notice small changes that changed parts of my eating and experience of my food and the way my body normally functioned.

I suffer from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) I have since before I can remember, I’ve always had a cramping stomach or had to watch what or when I ate but when I quit coffee a lot of that changed. I still have to watch what I eat but when I quit coffee the niggle that I live with constantly left. Just like that. The reason coffee and IBS don’t mix is that the acidity in coffee affects the stomach.

I also realized that my pimples started to clear up. I don’t normally suffer from achy but I do get the one or two stubborn guy here and there, basically, there is always that one asshole on my face. When I quit coffee for the week they totally disappeared. Haha, I’m literally turning into my mother. She can’t touch coffee without breaking out.

I am quite an anxious person. It’s the worst that I can’t help or shake the feeling something is wrong. I often feel like there is always something I am stressed or nervous about. However, when I stopped coffee I felt like I was much less stressed and way more focused. It also helped me sleep. I’ve always had sleeping problems, from just not being able to sleep to horrible nightmares but I feel like I sleep better and deeper at night now. The weird thing is when I started drinking coffee again I had bad sleep and bad nightmares.

And lastly, the fact that my teeth have really been affected. I use to be complemented in the streets by strangers for how white my teeth were (ya, a little strange I know) even though I had never been for whitening or any kind of treatments.
I have definitely seen yellowing with my teeth since coffee became an everyday routine. So I guess it’s time for some whitening, anyone have any suggestions?

These are some of the reasons I stopped drinking coffee. This most definitely isn’t for everyone and am no health professional that can say these are definites and that coffee can have these effects on everyone or anyone else for that matter but the effects coffee has had on me or rather lack of effects it’s had since I stopped is worth giving it up.

I haven’t and won’t stop drinking coffee because let’s face it’s flipping delicious but I have found giving it up during the week has helped me very much. To replace it I drink Green Tea, for an extra caffeine boost in the morning or Rooibos and Chamomile in the evening to help me sleep.

I’d love to know if you have had similar experiences with coffee or if you think this is all crap haha. Pop a comment below and lets chat.


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  • Reply Adriana August 18, 2017 at 7:19 am

    I also stopped my everyday coffee drinking habit. The unfortunate event of flue meant that I didn’t feel like drinking coffee for a few days, and so I had a very natural detox. Now I drink coffee probably +/- 3 times a week. It feels great not to ‘need’ anything in the morning when I wake-up. I also feel like I have more energy, and because I drink less coffee I don’t mind spending a little more to get GOOD quality beans.

    • Reply Grace Charlotte October 27, 2017 at 5:52 am

      I know right!! Since I stopped drinking coffee every day I feel so much better during the day especially waking up. 🙂 so lovely to hear about your coffee story. Thank you for sharing <3

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