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How To Make Your Home Smell Amazing

If you know me you know I’m very big on scent and fragrance. Smell is something that really affects my mood, the way I think, the way I feel and sometimes perceive others and areas. If you’ve ever visited me you have (hopefully) at least once experienced my space smelling amazing. Here are some of my hacks, tips and favorite products that I love using to keep my place smelling good. 

Scented Candles: Yeah I know, I know everyone knows about scented candles but I love them! they not only provide amazing smell but also create a mood. They are my favorite to use during winter when I want to feel warm and cozy. I’ve added some of my favorite brands these are definitely worth the money spent and make every room smell incredible.Untitled-1

Room & Linnen Spray: Yes, Yes another obvious, haha but you have to try these if you already have you know why I’m sharing these products with you.Untitled-2

Essential Oils: Ok here are where the hacks start 😉 I use essential oils for everything! I LOVE the stuff. I add peppermint to my towels, grapefruit to my pillows and lavender to my PJs before bed. I find these scents relax me most.Untitled-3

Bake Vanilla: For when you want to give you space that freshly made cookie scent. Simply place a few spoons of vanilla essence into a heat resistant bowl and put into the oven on a medium heat. Don’t forget it in there. It will burn and make your house stink haha

Baking Soda: This stuff actually is a miracle! Over everything else it does it helps nullifying orders. I use it in my fridge when it starts to smell a bit funky. Simply add 2 tablespoons into an open bowl and place in your fridge for a couple hours.

 Grind Coffee Beans: This will make any space smell incredible but if you don’t have a grinder make a fresh pot of coffee, added benefit, you get to drink it 😉

Essential Oil Spray: Ok so I may be a bit obsessed with essential oil spray but this the bomb! My own recipe coming soon to the blog 😉

Hope these have been helpful, if you have any tips and tricks please do share them with me as I’m just crazy about making my space smell amazing.

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  • Reply Candice Challis March 25, 2017 at 7:20 am

    Love the ideas! I often don’t have too much spare cash for luxury scented items so I buy fabric softener pouches and hide them all over my house. I am obsessed with the smell of fresh laundry so these scents are perfect for my home!

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