Native Espresso Bar

Finding new spots in the Mother City is actually quite challenging for me because I’m the ultimate creature of habit. If I find a spot I love that makes GREAT coffee why change? Well, thats actually a treble thing, because Cape Town has so many beautiful places and not finding them, is an absolute shame. I’m so glad Sarah I stumbled on this pretty little spot at the V&A Waterfront the other day šŸ™‚ Not only does Native make amazing coffee they have such a creative and beautiful space.

In regards to service, it’s excellent, it’s a self-order bar and the barristers are warm and welcoming and the coffee is made fast and strong. This pretty spot overlooks the busy Nobel Square which I actually love because I enjoy people watching (creep alert!). TheĀ large glass doors invite loads of light that complementsĀ the minimal theme and I just love the light wooden bar! I didn’t get a chance to try the baguettes or paninis but their black Americano and Bomb are fantastic! The bomb is well a bomb of caffeine. haha, go give it a try šŸ˜‰

In regards to pricing, they aren’t the cheapest with an Americano (small) R23, Cappuccino / Flat White (small) R25 but when I visit I truly feel like I am paying for good coffee that isn’t too hot or burnt. The only problem I found was there wasn’t WiFi this may have changed by now but I didn’t like that about the store.

Overall it’s a lovely, quality spot. Warm and inviting and definitely one of my favorites at the moment.

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