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How To Make Your Home Smell Amazing

If you know me you know I’m very big on scent and fragrance. Smell is something that really affects my mood, the way I think, the way I feel and sometimes perceive others and areas. If you’ve ever visited me you have (hopefully) at least once experienced my space smelling amazing. Here are some of my hacks, tips and favorite products that I love using to keep my place smelling good.  Continue Reading


Native Espresso Bar

Finding new spots in the Mother City is actually quite challenging for me because I’m the ultimate creature of habit. If I find a spot I love that makes GREAT coffee why change? Well, thats actually a treble thing, because Cape Town has so many beautiful places and not finding them, is an absolute shame. I’m so glad Sarah I stumbled on this pretty little spot at the V&A Waterfront the other day 🙂 Not only does Native make amazing coffee they have such a creative and beautiful space. Continue Reading


My Skin Care Products: Back2Nature

For the longest time, I’ve been trying to find natural alternatives for my skin. I honestly believe a healthy lifestyle is not only about what you eat and how much you exercise its also about what you are applying to your skin on a daily bases. That’s why when I found Back2Nature about 6 months ago I had to share my results and the product with you.   Continue Reading


Vegan Ice Coffee

If coffee is wrong, then I don’t want to be right. Coffee is probably my favorite drink but in the summer heat, there are days I can’t face anything hot. Not even coffee Continue Reading

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DIY Facial Toner

Recently I’ve been reading up about skin care, from in store to good old home remedies and to be honest, I’ve been horrified with how many chemicals are in some of our most common “natural” skin care products. I’m trying to go back to nature, back to the root as much as possible, (I say this trying my hardest not to sound like a happy hippy) so, I thought I would start with a toner.

Continue Reading

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