Willi & Jeane

These two’s story is one of the cutest!!

Willi mailed me one day out of the blue asking if I ever shot a “surprise engagement” before. With these shoots being one of my ABSOLUTE favourite sessions, was already frothing to capture this exciting little shoot. For weeks we chatted in secrete and came up with a plan.

I mailed lovely Jeane saying I was a beginner photographer looking for couples to shoot for my portfolio and that a “mutual” friend had recommended them. 😉

With regards to Willi, we planned out all the details, to have a ring box, not to have a ring box, where to keep the ring in the car, how keep Jeane from suspecting anything, and more!! When the day came it couldn’t have been any more perfect! Willi got down on one knee and proposed to his beautiful, beautiful lady and of course, she said YES!!

We spent the rest of the evening shooting running, playing and laughing while the sun set over the beautiful blue ocean. Thank you guys for letting me capture such a special moment. Dig you two! <3


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