Jarred + Anya

I’ve been dreaming about shooting these two’s engagement session since I started my photography business.

Anya is one of my best friends, we pretty much grew up together. I remember in school how we would talk about boys and marriage and growing up and how we just wanted to be married already.  And then one day, we were all grown, finished with university, working and had long-term relationships.  Cray how fast times goes when you aren’t paying attention. And just as quickly my dream of shooting Anya’s engagement session came true, I got to shoot the most AMAZING couples special moment on a warm winter afternoon, we headed down the beach, surrounded with the loud crashing of the sea we watched the sun set and once it had we climbed the nearest hill and watched as the remainder of the light drifted away.

So horned to have been part of such a special moment guys, love you both loads!!


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